Adobe Illustrator Lesson 1


1. Why did you decide on taking this course?

I am taking this course beause I really enjoy drawing on the computer. I am a Project Manager, but at times it has been necessary to use Illustrator when we need to make changes to something we got back for promotional materials. I was able to figure it out, but it wasn't easy. I have taken classes in Illustrator before, but that was a very long time ago (years ago). Everyone I work with has a technical background, so it is nice to be called upon to do creative work. I enjoy it MUCH more than the technical work I do.

2. What version of Illustrator will you be using?

Illustrator Creative Cloud.

3. Do you have any previous experience in design? What kind?

I have done websites in the past- in DreamWeaver. I have also used Photoshop and Ilustrator for various tasks. As I said, I work with hard core techies, so I am usually the only one who knows (or cares) anything about creative software.

4. What are your expectations of this course? What is your ultimate goal?

I have no expectations beyond getting familiar with Illustrator again. It has changed very much and is much more powerful then when Venus was standing on her clam shell.My ultimate goal is to try to get more creative assignments at work. I would really like to get Web Study Certificates in Web Graphics and Multimedia and a Web Business Certificate.

5. How will you keep yourself motivated to finish this course?

It's not motivation that does me in. It's time. Work is very demanding. I have had to drop out of this course before. I am going to do everything possible to make this course more of a priority.

Using and Describing 15 Tools: