About Patti Booth

Since this is our first assignment and I'm not really sure what to do I thought I would tell you a little about myself. (Very little.)

I don't work in this field, but I do like to take classes as a hobby. I really enjoy learning about HTML and CSS.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

I am a Project Manager at Bristol-Myers Squibb. I enjoy my job, but it doesn't give me much room to be creative. It can also get extremely busy sometimes.

Things I Enjoy

I like to do the same things that most people do. I love doing things with family and friends. This last year we have been doing a project with our colleagues in the Asia Pacific region. That has meant that many of my evenings were spent on conference calls with places like China, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia. It was very hard to enjoy leisure time after work, because I would frequently have to come home from work and then go back to work again. I did meet a lot of really nice people, so that was a positive thing.

One thing I always have time to do is shop online. Here are some sites I like.


I love shopping at Amazon. It's so easy and you can buy just about everything. They keep all your information and you can order with one click of a button. I also like the instant video feature.


Believe it or not, one of the best places to buy shoes is Zappos. You just have to make sure to read the reviews. People on that site are great about writing reviews. The best thing I find, is that you can really rely on them. If shoppers say a shoe runs large or narrow you can adjust your shoe size accordingly. I've bought about fifteen pairs of shoes on the site, and I've only had to exchange a pair of shoes once. They also have great sales on Coach bages if you like those.


The last site I will mention is Overstock. Overstock is great because you can find good prices on items that might be expensive in department stores.

I know I used an older version of CSS on this page. I don't know CSS 3 yet. I also haven't done any HTML in a long time, so this was a good way to try to remember a few things. I will stick to your methods in future lessons.

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