CSS Week 1

Week 1 Quiz

1 What are 2 good reasons to learn CSS?
CSS allows you to change the formatting of all the pages on a site by editing one CSS document instead of having to make changes to each individual page. Also, because many HTML tags we are deprecated, and they will become obsolete.

2 Name the 4 different types of Style.
A- Inline B- Embedded C- Linked D- Imported

3 What should always follow a value in your style declaration?
A semi-colon,- ;

4 How would you create a heading that is blue, underlined, and 18 points in size?
<h2 style="color: blue; font-size:18pt; text-decoration:underline;">

5 When you have a font name that is more than one word, how do you handle that?
A font name that contains more than 1 word must be enclosed in single quotes.
For Example: 'Times New Roman'

6 True or False? You don't have to worry about closing tags in your HTML when you're using CSS?
False, you still have to close tags- just less of them.

Experiments With Styles

My headers and paragraphs are above.

I used a style with a div tag here.

Here is my table.
I know the page won't validate because of the background image!

This is the end of my first week's assignment.

Valid HTML 4.01!