Introduction to PhotoShop CS2- Week 1

Part 1:

Space Monkey: Find "your name" in the credits. Post a screenshot of it to share with the rest of the class.

Space Monkey

More Easter Eggs: Find as many Easter Eggs as you can.

Merlin Merlins Merlins2 Francis
Not Easter Eggs in the strictist sense, Merlins are found throughout PhotoShop.
Merlin Silhouettes
Francis (I was told that if you type other names, other dog pictures would show up, but I could only get this one.)
Quotes on the Space Monkey Screen- There are tons of them. I took screen shots of 3.
Quote 2
Quote 1
Quote 3

Part 2:

Create and save a couple of new files with different colored backgrounds.

Rose Taj

Post a screenshot of a zoomed in image.


Play around with either the Brush or Eraser Tool. Draw a small flower or something...go wild, play with the settings. Use the Save for Web function and save a copy of it in both jpg AND gif format to compare them.

my flowers
my flowers
My flowers- jpeg image.
My flowers- gif image.

I don't see a difference in the pictures, probably because of the size and the fact that the color pallete is limited. There is a difference in the file size, 31k for the jpeg image and 45k for the gif. I really find that surprising, since gif files are usually smaller. I think it is because of the limited color pallete; I could use a very low quality jpeg- thus the low file size.