Introduction to PhotoShop CS2- Week 2

Part 1: More on the Workspace-Getting Organized

Explore your interface, try different settings for your palettes and screen view. Once satisfied with the layout, take a screen shot and post as your homework.

Turn on your Rulers. Post a screenshot of them on an image.



Part 2: Tooling Around

Review the Brush Picker, customize it to display to suit your workflow. Take a screen shot and post to share with the rest of the class.

Shape Dynamics

Set Fade Options in the Brushes palette and paint fading strokes across the canvas. Post with the rest of your homework.

Brush Fade

Using the other Brush Dynamics (Color and Jitter), adjust the settings, apply them to the canvas. Play around with each of them so that you will have a good feel of how each one works. Post at least 2 images for each option.

Color Dynamics
Color Dynamics

Shapes, Scatter, Color, Jitter
Shape Dynamics, Scattering, Color Dynamics, Jitter