Introduction to PhotoShop CS2- Week 3

Selection Tools

Part 1

1.  Practice using the Color Picker. Create two rainbows, one of them using only websafe colors.


2.  Practice making (shape) selections, use different Feather and Tolerance settings. Fill them with colors, move them around. Post a screen shot of two before and afters.
feathered shapes

3. Create 2 Fixed Selections, fill with color.
fixed selections
4. Create 2 selections, one with anti-alias and one without, fill them with color.

5. Create 2 selection shapes using the Polygon selection tool, fill with color.
polygonal selections

6. Use the Magnetic Lasso to remove the duck from water and paste it onto a new canvas.
duck ducks

7. Use one of your own images, use the Magnetic Lasso to isolate and remove any object. Please post both the before and after image.
my car my car 2
8. Using any image, use the Regular Lasso tool to remove an object, compare it to the results from Magnetic Lasso and see which you like most.

As you can see from looking at the images below, the Magnetic lasso tool is much more effective in removing selections. I was able to get the edges much straighter with the Magnetic lasso and it also took a lot less time to get a neat selection. The Regular lasso took longer, and the results were much sloppier, even though I did try my best to be precise.

pyramids pyramids selected

Part 2

Moving a selection- Try this a couple times and post at least one screen shot showing a white background and a colored background. Post with the rest of your homework.

Eliptical Marquee Eliptical Marquee 2

Added Selections- Create several shape selections. Fill the selection with color. Post to your web page with the rest of your work.

Added Selections Subtracted Selections- Subtracted-Selections

1. Make selections, at least one rectangular, one ellipse, one with the lasso. Use the feather and other options. Paint them with some color with your Paint Brush.

More Selections Brushed

2. Make at least 4-5 selections of different shapes on the same canvas and use the magic wand tool to select different colors.  Play with the tolerance and select one single color and set the number to a low number to select only that ONE color and then remove it from the image. (set the bg color to white and then hit the delete key.) Post both before and after images to your web page for us to view.

Before After- Blue rectangle removed.
Magic Wand Delete-B Magic Wand Delete-A

3. Using the magic (wand?), select a  part of an image and post to your web page with the rest of your homework.

blue flower Tolerance set to 150.

4. Draw a picture using the tools you have used thus far- brushes and the fill tool, no need to be artistic, that is NOT what this is about. Just draw something, a flower, a house, anything, just something simple. Choose the Mover Tool. Choose Various parts of your image and move them around to different parts of the canvas. Post the original and the one that you have after you moved around parts of the image.

Selection-flowers Selection-flowers-2

5. Do a multiple selection and take a screenshot of it and post it to your webpage.

Multiple Selections

6. Do an "adding to existing selection image" and post to your webpage.

Adding to