Introduction to PhotoShop CS2- Week 4

Selections Review and Undo

1. Change the green areas of the flower to red and the small berries to blue. Post the image with the rest of your homework.

green flower red-flower-blue-berries

2. Change the colors in the image using the Hue/Saturation command.

3. Resize 2 copies of the same image, one with the Constrain Proportions checked and one not.

constrain-checked constrain-unchecked
Constrain Proportions checked
Constrain Proportions unchecked

4. Rotate at least two images. One making the background color behind the image show as blue and one show as red. Post to your website with the rest of your homework. (Puppy done during the lesson.)

Rotated-puppy Parrots Pretty-Rose

5. Practice adding layers and exploring the layers palette by working through the bear exercise. We'd love to see your finished creation. (Very sad)


6. Create the sky and grass image using separate layers for each item. Post a screen shot of your layers palette along with the image. (OK, I cheated a little bit here and used a few photos. BUT...I did practice selecting techniques and used the magnetic lasso, so I hope it's alright.)

Nature Scene Layers