Introduction to PhotoShop CS2- Week 5

Expanding on Selections and Layers

1. Use the Magnetic Lasso to select, then copy and paste the hula girl selection to a new image.

Hula-magnetic lasso
2. Use the Lasso Tool and make a loose selection around the hula girl, then use Quick Mask Mode to refine the selection. Copy and paste it to a new image.

3. Combine the images from #1 and #2 as outlined in the exercise. Tell me which you prefer and why. Post on your website (Or on the board) what you do (and don't ) like about the masking method.

Hulas Compared

I like the masking method much better because I think all in all you get a much better selection with much better edges. What I didn't like so much was that it took me a while to get the hang of it. I think the key is to know which pixels are part of the edge of the image and which are part of the background. When you are zooming in so close that you can see individual pixels it gets hard to distinguish one from another. As you can see from above I put a small gouge in the girl's back.

4. Using the Quick Mask Method, select the flower from the image, use any and all of the hints and tips I provided for you to get the best selection you can possibly get.

Although I am one of the people you describe as not liking the keyboard shortcuts in this exercise I found them very valuable. Going back to above about not knowing where the edges are, I was much more aggressive with the flower. I compensated by making my paint brush soft and I also think I got much better results.

5. Combine the girl, sunset, and flower images. Add text and give it a drop shadow. Post the image along with the rest of your images to your web site.