Introduction to PhotoShop CS2- Week 5

Layer Mask

1. Put Mambo back on his feet again using the Flip Command.

2. Find an image that has compression artifacts in it, zoom in and post a screen shot of the artifacts .

I deliberately compressed this to make it poor quality and show a lot of artifacts. You can especially see the artifacts in the gray area, and also on the edges around the bird's head.

3. Using a Layer mask, change Mambo's hair (feather) color.

Mambo Mambo1b-colored copy

4. Remove Mambo from any image using whatever method you prefer, then using what you have learned in this 6 weeks and the masking techniques, put Mambo in his cage to make it one image. Try to make it look as realistic as you can.

5. Work through the Extract Filter exercises and post your results. Feel free to use any of the other images in the zip file to create more master pieces.

wolves-in-wild dogwood spring