My Cascading Style Sheets Page

Part 1 Of Our Assignment

This week we are learning about Cascading Style Sheets. Although I have worked with CSS before, I always had a problem because I never really understood the codes. Hopefully, after this lesson I will have a better idea of how to work with CSS.

I just wanted to experiment with one more heading.

Part 2 Of Our Assignment

For the second part of the assignment I added link styles (LVS is the first place I ever saw links get highlighted). I also added margin left and right values.

Here is an inline style for my h2 heading.

Here is an inline style for a paragraph tag.

What I do like about CSS is that there is less typing. What I'm not so crazy about is that it seems a lot more touchy than HTML. If you forget a comma or something, the line will not show.

My Hope For The Future

Eventually I am hoping for voice recognition HTML. VRHTML (as I call it) will not have any order or syntax. You just say, "make it pink and underline it," and it does.

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