All About Dante


The subject of this page is my 14 year old Seal Point Himalayan, Dante.


Our History

As I was looking through a catalog one day, I came upon a picture of a beautiful cat. I was so taken by it, I cut it out and kept it in my wallet. Later, when I saw my sister (and animal expert) Donna, I showed her the picture and asked her what it was. Immediately, she said, "forget it...a cat like this costs a lot of money." A couple of days later, Donna called and said, "you're not gonna believe this! A woman came in here today wanting to give away her show-quality Himalayan."

As it turned out, Dante (as he was called) was a nervous wreck. His owner relayed how they bought a Siberian Husky for their children. He constantly attacked this cat, driving him to live behind the couch and eliminate everywhere except his litter box. He also showed signs of health problems, as he bled when he defecated. I felt so sorry for him, I decided to adopt him anyway.

Adopting Dante was the best decision I ever made. In time he became wonderfully charming, very comical, always affectionate and frequently naughty. And as odd as it may sound, we have developed a bond I can only describe as spiritual. I love this animal deeply, and I know he feels the same way about me.

OK, so why is he so special?
Things That Dante Does In Ordered And Unordered Lists
cat line
  1. He purrs whenever I look at him.
  2. He must keep one paw on me at all times.
    • When he can't get on my lap.
  3. He lays up against the tub till I finish showering.
  4. He lays his body over his food dish if he is hungry.
  5. He sleeps on my pillow.
    • Preferably with his forehead plastered on mine.
  6. He takes running jumps onto a chair with wheels and rides it down the hallway.
  7. He loves taking 4 licks on a potato chip.
  8. He will spontaneously pop up in the air.
Dante hates listening to Celine Dion, but he loves listening to everything else.
NO PILLS. Dante Olympic Events
  • Sleeping
  • Cuddling
  • Pill Spitting
  • Chair Riding
  • High Jump
He looks deeply into my eyes as if he knows what I'm thinking.  cat eye

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